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Softech Total Environmental Action

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Project summary

The City of Alessandria is a 100,000 inhabitants city, in North West of Italy. AL Piano building programme won a Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure tender and got the basic financing for building construction and infrastructure innovation (social and economical actions included). It can be regarded as an urban pilot project at the neighbourhood level. The first design stage has been developed, while in 2006 the second design step is planned. Construction will start in 2007 and will be completed in 2009. In the same district, the City of Alessandria has already built a Photovoltaic Village, just inaugurated, that won the 1st prize of the 2003 Sustainable Cities Award promoted by the Italian Ministry for Environment. The more comprehensive approach of Concerto AL Piano, includes:

eco-refurbishment of existing social housing (299 dwgs)

new eco-village (104 dwgs) and social-elderly house (50 dwgs)

health centre (sport, swimming and gymn)

extended energy retrofit for the buildings of the district (plan to supply resources for energy/building retrofit of 48000 m2 equivalent dwellings)

measures for green and infrastructures

measures for social re-vitalisation

measure for economic re-vitalisation

Eco-energy specific measures are:

High standard of eco-building insulation (14 cm of fibre-paper insulation - triple size compared with normal practice)

Integrated supply of district heating with renewable energy trigeneration (biomass heating, cooling, electricity) to be supplied by Heat&Power, an Italian ESCo

Micro-climatic housing with innovative design

Greenhouses and solar collectors on dwellings and sport centre

Extensive adoption of PV modules for dwellings and public buildings electricity needs

Innovation in mobility: PV for electric bikes, bicycle lanes

Rainwater for irrigation, reduction of water flows, use of grey water

Waste management, waste island, on site compost production and various other eco-settlement measures

Together with the City of Alessandria, the building promoter is CONSULTA Edilizia, together with its associated builders: Housing Association of Alessandria, Consortia of private and cooperative builders.

Project co-ordinator is a research and consultancy company:

SOFTECH-Total Environmental Action (IT)

Research and demonstration is conducted by a pool of teams:

Trecodome (NL)

FGTUP Foundation of the University of Porto (PT)

Geonardo (HU)

Politecnico Torino (IT).

The dissemination component of the project is assisted by a group of associated cities: the City of Porto (PT), the towns of Tavira and Moura (PT)