1. Planning governance

Programme Organisation and Consensus Conference Presenting, sharing and evaluating the CONCEPT of Concerto AL Piano action at the starting of the project - Sustainable Planning Concept of AL Piano; - Programme organisation


2. Creation and Management of the Local Community Task Force

Local Community Task Force, constituted by: city managers, citizens and associations; experts; promoters and builders This group will be formalised as a Concerto AL Piano Forum, for the analysis, discussion of implementation principles.


3. Socio-economic Indicators Link to Concerto PLUS

The urban transformation is a complex process that needs to involve the local socio-economic and cultural conditions, as well the generality of the parameters affecting the use of the soil, the landscape, etc. The aim will be to make the local community participating in the process, by prioritising the parameters of analysis under a different perspective (the user perspective). After adaptation and merging with Concerto PLUS recommended indicators and after appropriate test by the Community Task Force, these indicators will be validated and regularly updated. The Community Task Force will make continuous assessment (once a year) of the relevant socio-economic indicators.