1. Energy Conservation Scheme

The Energy Conservation Scheme of Concerto AL Piano summarizes the basic energy-building data, such as: total number of dwellings; global dwellings surface and volume; annual thermal energy consumption; electricity consumption; global calculated emissions. The building stock of AL Piano District is aggregated and subsequently processed by  means of the dwelling energy code method. The 32 dwelling energy codes are indexed in a series of forms, reporting on their basic energy characteristics.

For each Dwelling Energy Code is likely to associate a variety of Energy Conservation Opportunities, included into the AL Piano catalogue. These are measures that could be subsidised by the Concerto AL Piano together with the City of Alessandria. The catalogue is the result of a selection among the most recurrent energy conservation and substitution techniques. Through the appropriate choice of a mix of Energy Conservation Substitution Opportunities, one can compare various energy-building policies at the town level, to yield the "energy-policy making" on a very detailed scale.


2. Building Energy Auditing

Development of the building auditing strategy, based on a mix of energy checks, energy auditing and instrumental monitoring

Assistance to the implementation of energy technology measures at the district scale, by using appropriate tools and mechanisms with the local community:  building sheets, potential energy savings, forecasted money savings, payback time, best fit and building owners selection criteria


3. Building Energy Performance Assessment and Integrated System Assessment

a. Calculation tools and assessment of energy efficient measures over the existing building stock

b. Calculation tools and assessment of energy efficient measures over the new eco-village and elderly building

c. Calculation tools and assessment of energy efficient measures over the Sport&Health Center and eco-PowerStation

d. Calculation tools and assessment of solar thermal energy in the different applications: residential, sport, eco-power

e. Calculation tools and assessment of PV solar integration in different integration schemes: residential, sport, eco-PS

f. Calculation tools and assessment of Biomass tri-generation scheme

g. Integrated Energy System assessment and flows: energy performance forecasts