1. Data collection and monitoring of energy performances of buildings and energy systems

The monitoring strategy will be tuned with the Concerto Plus methodology and data collection needs.

Concerto AL Piano will provide a mix of instrumental monitoring, data collection, data calculation and estimate, as follows.

- instrumental energy audit of the RETROFIT district

- energy consumption check and data collection of sample dwellings, to be used as reference cases for the RETROFIT district

- weekly data collection of energy consumption for the whole RENEW district

- weekly data collection of energy consumption for the whole NEW district

- instrumental monitoring for sample dwellings of the NEW and RENEW district, including the micro-climatic greenhouse

- instrumental monitoring of the PV installations and solar thermal systems


2. Monitoring  energy performances of the Integrated Energy Supply System and Biomass Trigeneration System

- instrumental monitoring of renewable energy technologies: biomass trigeneration

- continuous data analysis of thermal flows, refrigeration flows, electric absorption, temperatures, energy efficiencies in relation with local climate, operational checks

- remote data-gatering, display and reporting on dedicated web page

- operational communication with district energy managers


3. Monitoring Results and Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE)  ÔLink to Concerto PLUS

- auditing and monitoring strategy, in accordance with Concerto Plus;

- selection of relevant auditing and monitoring systems;

- formats for results assessment presentation

- monitoring results assessment and presentation

- post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) and presentation

- energy and economy result assessment and presentation

- eco-building result assessment and presentation

- overall impact assessment and presentation