Solar Photovoltaic will characterise the eco-village and shape the roofings of most of its buildings. The overall size of the Concerto AL Piano PV system will amount to 120 kWp

1. PV in NEW Residential Eco-Village PV modules will be installed as roofing system of the microclimatic buildings and corner building of the New Building Programme to partly cover the dwelling electricity needs. In order to provide the forecasted peak power, 50 kWp PV modules will fit on the roof surfaces.

2. PV in NEW Social-Elderly House PV sheds will be positioned in the district. The system will provide electricity for re-charging the electric-bicycles batteries, parked below the shed structures. This system will be located in the Elderly House, in order to facilitate mobility of aged people. The Mobility Utility (ATM) will provide specific parking places for electric bicycles. An electric bike re-charging module of 3 kWp will equip the Elderly house court. In addition, PV systems for electric common uses will be planned for a total amount of 20 kWp

3. PV in NEW Health & Sport Centre Photovoltaic modules will equip both the Sport Centre. The PV power installed in the public area will amount to 37 kWp

4. PV in NEW Power Station and Public Area Photovoltaic modules will equip the Biomass Power Station and its surroundings: the PV power installed in this area will be equivalent to 10 kWp