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energy efficiency


solar thermal

biomass trigeneration


Energy Demonstration Targets


Concerto AL Piano goal: 34% reduction in fossil fuel consumption compared with 2006 Italian National Building Standards using RUE measures.

Integration of renewable energies – solar thermal and photovoltaic at the urban village scale

Poly-generation using biomass, zeroing fossil fuel consumption in the Concerto AL Piano urban villages

Local Project team to promote information campaign, energy conservation schemes and retrofitting campaigns

Setup of municipal energy management and retrofit programme



Upgraded standards

Energy efficiency in buildings (RUE):

• Retrofit of 299 residential dwellings and one school, up to 30% below current standard for energy consumption.

• Energy conservation scheme for 3000 residential apartments and other public buildings with announcements in local newspapers and a letter campaign addressed to the inhabitants

• up to 20% of the energy audited buildings (48,000 m2 of equivalent dwellings) with highest energy demand will be audited by the AL Piano Agency for implementing the building energy retrofitting

• 104 new dwellings will implement eco-measures to improve by the 45% the 2006 Italian new code for heating demand . In addition these buildings will make use of renewable energies to get a 100% free fossil fuel



Integration of Renewable Energies

Installation of 385 mē of solar thermal collectors in the Health Centre, for providing pre-heated ventilation to indoor environment.

200 m2 of water solar collectors, integrated in the residential village for sanitary hot water needs.

Installation of  50 kWp of photovoltaic systems for 103 private

Other 70 kWp of photovoltaic will be installed on 50 elderly households, on the Sport and Health Centre and in the kindergarden

Trigeneration: installation of a district heating system, using biomass and producing both heat and electricity