1. Solar water heating for the NEW Residential Eco-Village

Solar water collectors will provide peak energy for the sanitary water heating of the dwellings belonging to the NEW Eco-Village. These systems will be mainly hosted on the roofs of the new buildings. The total size of Solar Thermal collectors for the New-Ecovillage will amount to 200 m2

2. Air solar systems for the Sport & Health Centre

Air solar systems will be installed on the Health & Sport Centre to provide warm air to the ventilation system for common spaces. Air solar systems and heat exchangers will contribute to the thermal energy demand of the Centre. The size of Air Solar systems for the Sport Centre will amount to 385 m2.

3. Solar Thermal for the NEW Kindergarden

Solar water collectors will be installed in the New Kindergarden, in order to provide hot sanitary water as needed, as part of the total equipment of the new eco-village