Trigeneration network for the urban village

A trigeneration system will provide electricity, heat for the whole district, while it will also provide summer cooling for the energy requirements of the Sport & Health centre.

The plant is composed by:

- continuous power cogenerator (250 kWe), running all the year long and fed by renewables (vegetal oils), dedicated to the production of the base load heat and power demand (hot water and de-humidification). The cogenerator will pick up the vegetable oil from an appropriate tank. Heat will be produced by an exhaust-water heat exchanger, at a temperature of 85 C, and delivered to the District Heating pipeline. Power will be delivered in parallel with the grid to the swimming pool internal line; in case of excess power, the exceeding part will be sold to the external grid. The overall efficiency of the cogenerator will be above 70%.

- absorption chiller, fed by cogenerated heat, used for the de-humidification of the swimming pool. The chiller will be a Li-Br type, working with a 0,65 COP and producing chilled water at 7 C.

- plant remote control system, running on a dedicated PLC, which will drive the cogenerator to adapt its power output following the pipeline heat demand, granting the highest possible efficiency. A Remote Control Room will get each day the production data, with a 15 minutes scansion, as well as any eventual out of order signal.